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Cleveland Water provides affordable water access for community gardens via the Summer Sprout Program. City-approved community gardens have the option to purchase a seasonal permit at a flat, affordable rate to use water from fire hydrants for irrigation.  

Community gardens and urban agriculture sites within the city of Cleveland require pre-approval from the Cleveland Department of Community Development. Community gardens outside the city of Cleveland but within the Cleveland Water service area require pre-approval from the appropriate Mayor or Township Trustee/Administrator. A letter of approval from the local municipal executive on current letterhead must be submitted when paying for the Hydrant Permit.

Water consumption for both Cleveland and suburban community gardens has been established as 2 MCF per summer for the growing season from May to October. In all cases, these rates are limited to 2-acre gardens. Applicable Cleveland or suburban unit water rates will then be applied to these usage volumes.  

Extended growing season permits are also available. These have been established either annually or for an extended growing season of March through November.

All for-profit gardens are required to install a permanent connection and meter if they have received five years of temporary water. Gardens greater than 2 acres are also encouraged to obtain a permanent connection; however, they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

All permit applicants are liable for any damages to the fire hydrant or other Cleveland Water equipment or infrastructure. 

For more information about the Summer Sprout Program or how to obtain a permit for a community garden, contact the Cleveland Department of Community Development at 216-664-4126.

For information about rates and fees, please call 216-664-3130 or email us at